Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lebaran errrr.......

Tomorrow is gonna be Lebaran Day! Where all Moslem celebrate our winning because their strugle to not eat, drink, handle our emotion and so on. However, I dont excited much for Lebaran this year.

Yesterday, I had conversation with my mom, "mom,i dont know why I want this moment just come fast then all stuffs just over. Appearently, we're in down of whell life " then she asked me why, I answered it,"You know, big family will come here, so I can imagine how busy we are. Prepare all stuffs." so can you get what I mean? I dont want busy at that moment, serve anything, do anything like help my mom to wash the dishes, make a drink for the guest, serve it, talk unnecessary thing with people whom I rarely with.FYI, my mom is 5th child in her family and my dad is the first of 5th children.Therefore, you can imagine when my family (with cousin,nephew,niece,their children) come to my house, it will be crowded,geez. Yep, for now, I wish I didn't do those routines on Lebaran.

My mom told me wisely,"We are getting busy is such responsible for us to welcome our guests, they are our family. And you know what, if they ain't coming,I feel like that our little family (dikucilkan) by others. So, I don't mind to be busy. And about our condition now, dont let them know because a family has their own secret/privact" yeah, I got points. First point : we're not alone, we as social person need each other. Who will help us? Second point : Silahturahmi, its a must for people. Silahturahmi is the way for keep good communication between people Third point : if there was no Lebaran, how do I get THR? *evil laugh*

Ya Allah, why could I think so evil like that? Damned me. Astaghfirullah. I am so selfish :( Oh darn...

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