Monday, October 4, 2010

Katy Perry

Hello bloggy-woggy! :D many guys love this woman, yip she is Katy Perry. Adorable, beautiful, sexy, bitchy with beautiful voices. And she is trendsetter. But one thing that I dislike is she is too sexy

well ok i dislike her idea to be topless in video seems stupid,bitchy, or something. She just like slut (sorry Katy's fans) And look at the pic number 1, looks like milk comes from her breasts ITS SO YUCKIE YUCKS! does she want to tease or something? :-/ And in her video she acts innocent and perform like she is no sin, i hate her expression

Well, I couldnt agree more that Katy's songs are catchy and she is so beautiful, but I dislike when she presents her music onto her video. Too sexy and bitchy. Does she want to make controversy like Lady Gaga does? Show off body, damned outfit, act bitchy, and one thing is when she want to show off anything, she is overaction

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