Sunday, January 16, 2011

15 Januari 2011

Several days ago, I asked the 'clarification' of us. The blurry relationship. Then, you answered it's impossible to make it clear like yesterday. Wasn't surprised when you told me the reason why, but till now am still curious, what they already say to you. Really.

About 2 or 3 days, I decided to quit from this blurry thingy. They might be talk anything why I decide this. I have a heart, I have feeling, I can't take into this relationship. Apalagi, when you said, " Kita nggak pernah kayak dulu lagi." After that, I thought we could through it, tapi di suatu perenungan, I can't live like this.

And about 15 January, I said it must be over. I hope, you would argue it. I was looking for that. You would asked me to stay or something, but you didn't. "Oh come on.." I murmured.

It's a difficult decision, you know? I know it would be hard at the beginning, but I know I am strong enough, so do you...

We can be a best friend, right? :)

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