Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dewi Fashion Knights 2010

Hi blog-walker :) November, 12th 2010. One of the urban magazine, Dewi, held the fashion show at Fashion Tent , Jakarta. There were Ali Charisma, Tex Saverio, Priyo Oktavianio, Stella Rissa, and Kiata Kwanda. I adore Tex's and Stella's. I could say that their collections are sooooo unique. Here are the images for you guys, hope you enjoy it. Anyway, I don't like Priyo's, dont know why :P Stella's theme is : Women Possession and Tex Saverio : La Glacon. In my opinion, Stella's is just simple and shows feminism or something and a word for Tex : Fantasy.

 Tex Saverio and La Glacon
 The Symbol

Woman Possessions ( 2 pics above)

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